Part I includes our stories for our first two categories: Economy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals, and Currencies and Geopolitics. This quarter, six of the stories are in the first category because so much of what is currently happening is being driven by economic and financial decisions and actions.

Headlines have been placed in the table below associating each headline to the relevant stories in Part I and Part II by story number. Scroll down below the first ten questions to access the table of headlines.


Story #1: Going Direct Reset: The Financial Coup Consolidates with a Reengineering of Governance

The promulgation of FASAB 56 in 2018 represented a major triumph of the hidden system of finance over public finance. (For further insights on secret books, watch John Titus’s video, “Has the Federal Reserve Kept 2 Sets of Books for the Last 50 Years?”) Now, central banks in most Western nations are overtly moving to collapse sovereignty and take over Treasury functions altogether, with the apparent aim of globalizing bureaucracy, taxation, and the military. In the U.S., the three big cloud contracts with the intelligence agencies (Amazon), the Navy (Leidos), and the Department of Defense (Amazon and Microsoft), and a clear willingness to flaunt the Nuremberg Code and the rule of law, will make it easier to strip the civil service of power and control and delegate military functions to defense contractors and private corporations. Interestingly, NATO announced over the summer that it is adding space warfare to its Article 5 collective defense mechanism—whereby “an attack against one NATO member is an attack against all.” Is this a clue that the Anglo-American alliance is moving its offshore system into space? NATO set the precedent for invoking Article 5 after 9/11—another landmark event that significantly advanced the centralizers’ agenda.

Story #2: Going Direct Reset: The Debt Spiral and Inflation

Between inflation and debt traps, Mr. Global is putting many people in a corner, perhaps building a constituency for universal basic income. Do everything you can to improve your resiliency and lower your susceptibility to inflation—such as living in a low-cost area, lowering your overhead, and doing more for yourself. Remember, too, to support small farmers, who are under assault from many directions—whether via the buying up and bubbling of rural real estate to centralize food regulation or because of likely weather warfare. The most important task of all, however, is to stop the push for an all-digital financial system of control—and one of the best ways to do this is to use cash as much as you possibly can (see Solari’s #CashFriday).

Story #3: Rollerball: Reinventing the Corporate Model

To implement an all-digital financial system and essentially eliminate individual and national sovereignty, the central bankers face a challenge: How do they get people to go along with taxation without representation and the ceding of government functions to private corporations headed by lawless billionaires? The bankers’ answer seems to be a window dressing effort to make corporations (with a significant boost from mind control) look more attractive—but this effort only “works” by ignoring science and financial facts. State legislatures have the power to deny corporations the ability to operate in their state, but first, they need to acknowledge that it is counterproductive—and destructive—to rely on the New York Fed member banks to manage the state’s banking, pension funds, and bond servicing. A healthy step in turning the tide would be for state legislatures to fire the big banks and federal contractors in favor of local banks and government employees.

Story #4: Crypto and Blockchain: Climate Change and ESG Used to Force Retail onto the Electrical Grid

In early 2019, in the Solari Report’s 1st Quarter 2019 Wrap Up – Will ESG Turn the Red Button Green?, I hypothesized that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing and climate change would be used as cover stories to bring about “societal-wide economic and social restructuring under the guise of caring for the environment.” The Covid narrative launched this restructuring process in a big way, but as that narrative starts to wear thin, we are seeing ESG and climate change moving onto center stage. Whether the story is Covid, ESG, or climate change, the centralizers’ end goal is to override human and property rights and further the build-out of their infrastructure of control. We can push back by doubling down on investing in people and companies that are fundamentally productive.

Story #5: Going Direct Reset: Engineering Financial Digital Control with Health Mandates and Passports

Many people are having difficulty connecting the dots between vaccine ID passports and mandates, on the one hand, and the push for an all-digital financial system, on the other. One reason it may be difficult for some to see the full picture is that not everyone seems to be getting the same Covid shot. Our anecdotal feedback suggests in some places (notably, rich jurisdictions like California’s Silicon Valley), people getting the injections seem to experience very few adverse events, whereas in other (mostly poorer) areas or countries, people are experiencing high rates of serious or fatal reactions. Will the plan for a constant treadmill of booster shots—a plan already unfolding—help people recognize that “Covid” is not about science or health but about governance and control? This is one of the reasons we want full independent verification of what is in the Covid-19 injections—in rich and poor neighborhoods alike.

Story #6: Danger Ahead—$650 Billion SDRS and a Tsunami of Evil

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has begun to wield its Covid “stimulus” of $650 billion in SDRs (IMF reserves). The “tsunami of evil” part of this equation is that the IMF is using the SDRs as a wedge to force debt-strapped countries into technocratic digital ID and vaccination policies. Dr. Farrell suggests that the more Mr. Global clamps down and tries to put his digital control system into place, the more people will turn to other transaction mechanisms, including gold and silver, community currencies, and barter. You can start using gold and silver any time—on the “just do it” method—with the help of Solari’s Silver and Gold Payment Calculator (


Story #7: Crossing the Wall: Central Banks Take Over the Treasuries and Fiscal Policy

The Going Direct Reset has essentially ended the tenuous century-long balance of power between private central banks and elected representatives, with government debt entrapment and digital systems allowing the central banks to control both monetary and fiscal policy—behind a wall of secrecy. What is particularly striking is that 190-plus countries are all imposing the same policies on their populations in lockstep; even if some are not on board with the plan, no one seems to have the ability to say “no.” This suggests that what the Solari Report has long called “the Breakaway Civilization”—whether the black budget operators, their allies in the Nazi International or, as some speculate, an interdimensional intelligence or some other powerful player—is now “breaking back in” to exercise planet-wide control. Will the mind control be sufficiently powerful to keep the Breakaways’ one-world-government ball rolling?

Story #8: The G7 Friction: Globalizing Taxation without Representation

One of the goals of the central bank takeover of fiscal policy is to be able to extract taxes—whether the population consents or not. As a group of people prepared to face and deal with reality (versus remaining in an “official reality” trance), Solari members understand that taxation without representation is a major problem we must solve. Whether we are talking about the real estate taxes funding schools that put our children’s lives and minds at risk, or the state and federal taxes facilitating the surveillance state’s encroachment into our most intimate spaces, we need to determine ways to stop financing criminal expenditures of our tax dollars.

Story #9: The Great Poisoning Accelerates

The Covid injections represent the latest phase of the Great Poisoning—a multi-pronged, toxic assault that also includes other vaccines and things like global spraying, GMOs, fluoride in our water, and opioids. This is part of the taxation without representation problem that we need to address—just look at the taxpayer monies that went to the pharmaceutical companies to develop the Covid jabs. The good news is that we can start a new dynamic that says, “If you make money on the Great Poisoning, we’re going to pull our money out”—starting with #CashFriday and pulling out of the New York Fed member banks. The other good news is that if you can face the problem and invest the time to learn how to take care of yourself, you can navigate the Great Poisoning. Figure out a way to make learning about health and nutrition fun, and build it into your habits. The time and money you invest will pay huge dividends.

Story #10: The Multipolar World Emerges

In a multipolar world, invisible weapons pose a major challenge because so many people don’t even recognize that they exist, and there is no international legal framework to put a brake on their use. Nor is the use of invisible weapons—whether neuroweapons, biological/chemical warfare, electromagnetic pulses, laser, surveillance, or mind control—limited just to state actors.

Addressing non-state actors brings us full circle back to the power wielded by private entities like the big banks. Watching the financial patterns tells you all you need to know: The S&P bank stocks are up 23% for the year (double the S&P overall) and soaring above them is Lloyd’s—in direct correlation with Covid vaccine uptake.

Story DateCorresponding StoryStory LinkSourceCategoryTag
2021-04-121Has the Federal Reserve Kept 2 Sets of Books for the Last 50 Years?YouTube-Best EvidenceEconomy & Financial MarketsThe Fed, Balance Sheet, 2 Sets of Books
2021-04-171Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History - Catherine Austin FittsUSA WatchdogEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCAF, Covid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Finance, Vaccine Rollout
2021-05-021Federal Reserve Bank President "Stunned" - FOIA UpdateYouTube-Best EvidenceEconomy & Financial MarketsTitus, FOIA, Update
2021-05-041Going Direct ResetSolariEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthGoing Direct Reset
2021-05-111Keiser Report | No One Expects Plucky | E1695RTEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsTitus Interview
2021-05-191The Digitalisation of MoneyBISEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsCBDC, Fed, Crypto, Debt
2021-05-271International Finance Forum 2021 to Highlight Global Governance and Development in Post-pandemic EraYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial MarketsIFF, Global Governance, Green New Deal, Climate Change, Going Direct Reset
2021-06-181Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You’ll Never GuessChildren's Health DefenseEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCentral Bank, Federal Reserve, Big Pharma, MSM
2021-06-221Indonesia, Home to Giant Gold Mine, Wants Its Own Bullion BankYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsIndonesia, Gold Mine, Bullion Bank
2020-03-132Infographic: Central Bank Gold Buying and Gold RepatriationBuillion StarPrecious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsGold, Central Banks, Gold Repatriation
2021-03-022Santa Rosa Husband-Wife Doctors Charged With Using Gold Coin Purchases In Tax Evasion SchemeKPIX-CBS SFEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesGold as Money, Tax Evasion, Gold Coins
2021-03-032Finance Fascists: The Credit Chokehold That Will Bankrupt America | Glenn TV | Ep 92YouTube-BlazeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsNational Debt, Credit, Bankrupting America, Social Credit System
2021-03-092Meet the ex-Goldman Sachs-er trying to upend residential real estate;AxiosEconomy & Financial MarketsMortgages, Home, Tax, Real Estate
2021-03-312Thirteen states sue Biden administration over tax cut restriction in $1.9 trillion spending packageWashington ExaminerEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsBiden Admin, Tax Cuts, State Pushback
2021-04-04255 US Corporate Giants Paid $0 in Federal Taxes in 2020 Thanks to 'Gaping' LoopholesCommon DreamsEconomy & Financial MarketsCorporate Tax, Zero Tax Rate
2021-04-062Did Archegos, Like Renaissance Hedge Fund, Avoid Billions in U.S. Tax Payments through a Scheme with the Banks?Wall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesAvoiding Taxes, Big Corporations, Tax Loopholes
2021-04-082Rabo: "If One Atlas Shrugs, It Suggests A US Tax Grab, Capital Flight, Huge Malinvestment And Lower GDP Growth"ZerohedgeEconomy & Financial MarketsUS Tax, Powell, GDP Growth
2021-04-232Bipartisan Group Backs Gas-Tax Increase as Option to Fund InfrastructureThe Wall Street JournalGeopoliticsInfrastructure, Gas Tax, Bipartisan
2021-04-262Manheim Steamroller (Used Vehicle Value Index)EpsilonEconomy & Financial MarketsCar Prices, Older Cars
2021-04-292Will a “silent tax” solve today’s jaw-dropping debt problem?Livewire MarketsEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsSilent Tax, Covid Economy, Debt
2021-05-172Treasury and IRS Announce Families of 88% of Children in the U.S. to Automatically Receive Monthly Payment of Refundable Child Tax CreditTreasury.govEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsTreasury, IRS, Stimulus, Child Tax Credit
2021-05-192The constraint on public debt when r < g but g < mBISEconomy & Financial MarketsCentral Bank, Federal Reserve, Debt
2020-10-21360% of Black-owned businesses will close by April 2021 without federal reliefLipstick AlleyEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsBlack-Own Businesses, Business Closures, Destruction of Small Business
2021-03-213Court Rules USDA Authorized to Certify Soil-less Hydroponic Operations as OrganicCenter For Food SafetyFood & HealthFood Safety, Organic, Soil
2021-04-013Mortgage Firms Warned to Prepare for a 'Tidal Wave' of DistressBloombergEconomy & Financial MarketsMortgages, Economic Downturn,
2021-04-043Manhattan restaurant forced to close as owner can't find workersNatural NewsGeopoliticsPlandemic, Workers Chose Unemployment, Destruction of Small Business
2021-04-063United Airlines plans to diversify its pool of pilotsAljazeeraEconomy & Financial Markets, Food & HealthAirlines
2021-04-073Monopoly - Follow The MoneyYoutube-Vrouwen Voor VrijheidEconomy & Financial MarketsBig Corporations, Institutional Investors, Monopolies
2021-04-233The Top Shareholders and Owners of Every mRNA Vaccine Company Are All SellingState of the NationEconomy & Financial Markets, Science & Technology, Food & HealthmNRA, Shareholders, Vaccine Stocks
2021-05-113At $49.1 Trillion, the US Stock Market Is Larger than the Combined GDP of the US, China, Japan, and GermanyWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsUS Stock Market, Market Bubble
2021-05-123Amazon Wins Appeal Over $300 Million EU Tax BillThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsAmazon, EU, Anti-Trust
2021-05-133Pfizer's stock is tracking the S&PYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyPfizer, Stock, S&P
2021-05-20380,000-acre Texas ranch, home to historic battle, could sell for $200M. Take a lookFort Worth Star TelegramEconomy & Financial MarketsRanchland, Texas, Fertile Grassland
2021-05-273Notes in circulation go up on account of precautionary holding of cash amid pandemicEconomic TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesCurrency, Economy, Currency Circulation
2021-06-043FHFA extends forbearance for rental propertiesHousing WireEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFHFA, Mortgages, Debt, Loans
2021-06-203Airlines Cancels Almost 400 Flights in 3 Days "...largely the result of a high number of sick calls.."Celia Farber- SubstackEconomy & Financial MarketsAirlines
2021-04-094What is the UN-backed Crypto Climate Accord?NS Energy BusinessEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesClimate Change, Green New Deal, Zero-Carbon Emission, Renewable Energy
2021-06-224The Companies Who Launched The Crypto Climate Accord, Signatories & SupportersMediumEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesClimate Change, Green New Deal, Zero-Carbon Emission, Renewable Energy
2020-04-244Microsoft Wants to 'Read People’s Brain Waves' to Mine Crypto CurrencyIndependentPrecious Metals & Currencies, Science & Technology, Food & HealthMicrosoft, Brain Waves, Crypto
2021-03-034Finance Fascists: The Credit Chokehold That Will Bankrupt America | Glenn TV | Ep 92YouTube-BlazeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsNational Debt, Credit, Bankrupting America, Social Credit System
2021-04-014Absolute Zero - Delivering the UK's climate change commitmentUK FIRESGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyClimate Change, Green New Deal, Zero-Carbon Emission
2021-04-044Nobody's Talking About This - They Can't Hide It AnymoreYouTube-Anonymous OfficialEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, CultureAgenda 21, NWO, Secret Government
2021-04-154Coinbase Off To Rocky Start After Public ListingBlockworksEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesBitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Coinbase Bubble
2021-05-064Arte Becomes Miami's First New Development To Accept CryptocurrencyYahooPrecious Metals & CurrenciesCrypto, Arte
2021-05-214Bitcoin Miners Are Giving New Life to Old Fossil-Fuel Power PlantsThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, Science & TechnologyBitcoin, Bitcoin Miners, Fossil Fuel Power Planets, Not Very Green
2021-06-174Rupert Murdoch's Fox creates $130m fund to invest in NFTsThe Sydney Morning HeraldEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsFox, Investment Fund, NFTs
2021-06-274The Crypto Climate Accord Walks a Fine Line Between Self-Interest and the Greater GoodBitcoin.comEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesCrypto Climate Accord, Blockchain, Energy Footprint
2021-06-294Supreme Court Backs Pipes on Land-Use Suits in PennEast WinYahoo-FianceEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsPA, Pipeline, PennEast
2021-01-145The Bit Short: Inside Crypto's Doomsday MachineCrypto-AnonymousEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesBitcoin, Crypto, Tethers,
2021-03-015National Priorities to Combat Misinformation and Disinformation for COVID-19 and Future Public Health Threats: A Call for a National StrategyCenter of Health SecurityGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation, Pushback
2021-03-265They Live... Vancouver March 2021Youtube-SocialMedia42GeopoliticsCovid, Unconstitutional Lockdowns, They Live
2021-04-015Pre-2020 Medical Exemptions Written by Disciplined Physicians are RevokedCalifornia Department of Public HealthScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Exemptions
2021-04-015The 'Well Health Safety Seal'TwitterGeopolitics, Food & HealthCovid, Public Spaces, Health Certificates, Health Passports,
2021-04-035Dr Naomi Wolf: Vaccine Passports – Part 2Youtube-Daily CloutGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccine Passport, Medical Apartheid, Tyranny
2021-04-065St. Edward's becomes one of the first universities in nation to require COVID-19 vaccine this fall for in-person activitiesTexas TribuneFood & HealthEpidemics, Vaccines, Big Brother
2021-04-095European Court Of Human Rights Rules That Mandatory Vaccinations Are LegalZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyCovid, Vaccines, Mandatory Vaccines, EU Ruling
2021-04-105Only Vaccinated People Can Be Evacuated From Island to Escape Volcano, Says Prime MinisterInfoWarsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccine, Only Vaccinated, Segregation Privileges
2021-04-125Shock Video: Cops Force-Vaccinate Special Needs Girls In Statewide 'Operation Homebound' ProgramInfowarsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Forced Vaccination, Mentally Ill, Elderly
2021-04-135Bribing, Incentivizing, and Threatening Termination Over Covid Vaccines: Is It Legal?Corey DigsEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccine, Vaccine Mandates, Legality, Employer Mandate
2021-04-145Watch Powell Live: Will The Fed Chair Delink Tapering From A 75% Vaccine ThresholdZerohedgeEconomy & Financial MarketsThe Fed, Bonds, Bond Buying Program, Covid, Vaccine Rollout
2021-04-295Is Pharma Censoring the Science at One Major University by Choking the Money Channel?Children's Health Defense FundScience & Technology, Food & HealthBig Pharma, Censoring Science, Money Channel
2021-04-305Why COVID Vaccines Are Dream Come True for Central BanksThe DefenderEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccines, Central Banks, Surveillance Technologies
2021-05-025England to pilot daily Covid tests as way to avoid self-isolationThe GuardianCultureEpidemics, Big Brother
2021-05-075Orange County: Say No to Digital Passports @ Board of Supervisor's Meeting Tuesday May 11 @ 8:30 am!Youtube-Leigh DGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Lockdown, Vaccine Passports, Protesting Tyranny
2021-05-115Smoking Gun Video: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19Banned VideoGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthFauci, Covid Truth
2021-06-075Canadian Government Seeking Bids For 'Biometric Vaccine Passports'System CreationCanuck LawGeopoliticsVaccine Passport, Medical Apartheid, Tyranny
2021-06-165Physician: 'Fanaticism' -Not Science - Governs CDC's Aggressive Push to Vaccinate Even Those With Natural ImmunityThe DefenderGeopolitics ,Science & Technology , Food & HealthCDC , Covid Vaccines, Public Health , Natural Immunity, Reactions
2021-05-206SDRs: France & African Leaders Unite in Call for $100 Billion for Africa’s COVID-19 Recovery by OctoberGlobal CitizenGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Foreign Aid, Big Money
2021-05-216IMF is looking for approval of $650 billion of SDRS by board in August. This will be used to buy countries into Covid-19 injection planBloombergEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesSDRs, IMF
2021-06-116France's Macron Urges G-7 To Sell Gold Reserves To Fund Bailout For AfricaZerohedgePrecious Metals & CurrenciesCentral Bank, Gold, Epidemics
2021-05-227Controlling All Money Is Necessary in Order for the Ruling Class to Dominate the WorldLew RockwellEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGlobal Tax, NWO, One-World Government, Banking
2021-05-247Fed to Treasury Dealers and Congress: We Can't Count On You, We're Taking ChargeOf Two MindsEconomy & Financial MarketsThe Fed, Treasury, Taking Charge
2021-06-167Financial Blacklisting: Wells Fargo Shuts Down GOP Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke's Bank AccountBreitbartGeopolitics, Economy & Financial MarketsGeopolitics, Politicians, Cancel Culture , Frozen Bank Accounts
2021-04-138The Hunt for Global TaxesArmstrong EconomicsEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsGlobal Tax, NWO, One-World Government
2021-04-228Mirror Trades and Tax Tricks BloombergEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsMissing Money, Tax Tricks, Offshore Accounts
2021-05-248A Closer Look at Biden's Tax PlansThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsBiden, Tax Plan, Tax Increase
2021-06-018Common Reporting StandardEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsG7, Global Tax
2021-06-058G-7 Nations Agree on New Rules for Taxing Global CompaniesThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsG7, Global Tax
2021-06-098"We've Reached Our Breaking Point" - Dozens Of Baltimore Businesses Threaten Not To Pay TaxesZerohedgeGeopoliticsTaxation Without Representation, Tax Revolt
2021-06-098'We're sick of it': Businesses refuse to pay taxes after police defundedWNDGeopoliticsTaxation Without Representation, Tax Revolt
2021-06-148ProPublica'ss Release of Leaked Tax Return Data for Billionaires: Why Wall Street's Mega Banks Are Freaking OutWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsMega Banks, ProPublica, Billionaire Taxes
2021-01-049Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesisNCBIScience & Technology, Food & HealthFacemasks, Covid, Heath
2021-03-259Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs ReportsAmerican Frontline DoctorsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccine, Covid Truth, Vaccine Testimonies
2021-04-049Hospital Medical Director says level of sickness in NHS staff after Covid Vaccination is 'Unprecedented'The Daily ExposeScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccines, Medical Staff Reactions,
2021-04-089Midwin Charles: 47-year-old MSNBC legal analyst dead one month after experimental mRNA shotThe Covid BlogScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths, Vaccine Rollout
2021-04-089A WA State Woman’s Struggle with J&J COVID-19 Vaccine InjuryInformed Choice WA.orgScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine reactions, Vaccine Rollout
2021-04-119Emergency Broadcast: Spars 2025-2028 Is The Blueprint For Total Collapse of CivilizationSpeaker-Jay AnalysisScience & Technology, Food & HealthSPARS, Pandemic, The Next Crisis, Going Direct Reset
2021-04-139Disturbing Footage 'Forced Vaccinations of Mentally Disabled Adults'Citizen Free PressScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Forced Vaccination, Mentally Ill, Elderly
2021-04-149Overdose Deaths Have Surged During the Pandemic, C.D.C. Data ShowsThe New York TimesScience & Technology, Food & HealthOpioids, Opioid Death, Pandemic, Lockdown
2021-04-159Neil Howe OpioidsNewswireFood & HealthOpioids,
2021-04-159Knockout Jab Dramatic moment Danish vaccine chief Faints during a Covid conference announcing the permanent ban of AstraZeneca jabThe SunGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Reactions
2021-04-179Vaccine Side Effects & Deaths At Alarming RatesBitchute-Sergeant MajorScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Reactions
2021-04-219Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant PersonsNejm.orgScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Jabbing Pregnant Women
2021-04-219"An Urgent Warning to the World" | Perspectives on the Pandemic Episode 16YouTube-Perspectives on the PandemicScience & Technology, Food & HealthPandemic Warning, Covid, Covid Truth, Vaccines
2021-04-269Scientists build army of 1 million microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needleCNETGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccines, Creepy Tech, Nanobots,
2021-04-309India's Covid crisis set to derail world economyASIA TimesGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthIndia, Covid Crisis, Global Economic Impact
2021-05-019The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System ( VAERS) Disregarded US Regulations on Counting Serious Cases for Years, Resulting in a Grossly Inaccurate Safety AssessmentHealth Choice MarylandGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccine, Vaccine Reactions, VAERS, MD
2021-05-039Victims of Rare Vaccine Injury Wait to See If U.S. Will PayBloombergGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccine Injury, Vaccine Liability, CDC, Victim's Payout
2021-05-059The origin of COVID: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box at WU han?The Bulletin.orgGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthFauci, WU han, Covid, US Funding, China
2021-05-079COVID-19 vaccine distributionMcKinsey & CompanyGeopolitics, Food & HealthUS Distribution Map
2021-05-139Tens of Thousands of Lives Could Have Been Saved if Research on COVID Treatments Hadn't Been Suppressed, Doctors and Economists SayThe DefenderGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation, Lives Lost
2021-05-189270 Doctors Die in India's Latest COVID Surge-More than 1,000 have died since the start of the pandemic, likely an underestimate MedPage TodayGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Pandemic, India, Vaccines, Dead Doctors
2021-05-189Plasma is needed. But Not from those vaccinated!TwitterGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccines, Vaccinated Tainted Blood, Non-Vaccinated Plasma
2021-05-209$5 Million Vax And Scratch / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdownYouTube-Hugo Talks Some MoreGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccinated Lottery, Big Money
2021-05-219IMF is looking for approval of $650 billion of SDRS by board in August. This will be used to buy countries into Covid-19 injection planBloombergEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & CurrenciesSDRs, IMF
2021-06-019SARS-CoV-2 elicits robust adaptive immune responses regardless of disease severityEBio MedicineGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths , SARS-CoV-2, Genocide, Reactions, Immune Response,
2021-06-019Fauci Emails Reveal Damage Control Scramble After ZeroHedge Spotlights Man-Made COVID-19 TheoryZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Covid Deaths
2021-06-089WHO Celebrates As Indian Health Regulator Removes Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from Its Covid-19 ProtocolVaccine ImpactGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, HCQ, Ivermectin, WHO, India
2021-06-089Volume 0% 00:00 05:00 WHO Celebrates As Indian Health Regulator Removes Ivermectin from Its Covid-19 ProtocolNaked CapitalismScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, HCQ, Ivermectin, WHO, India
2021-06-089Nanofiber swabs processed in environmental toxins were tested with Human Embryonic Kidney cells in a study co-authored by The National Strategic Research Institute, and the Univ. of NebraskaEncouraging AngelsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthNanofiber Swabs, environmental Toxins, Human Embryos, PCR Tests
2021-06-109Episode 1291: The Richie Allen Show Thursday June 10th 2021Richie AllenGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthInvestigation, Euthanized, UK Hospital
2021-06-139"Global Time Bomb" First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 Hal Turner Hal Turner Radio ShowGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccines, Global Time Bomb
2021-06-139Covid Vaccine Genocide- English SubtitlesRapsodiaGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Covid, VaccinesCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths , Genocide
2021-06-219WHO backs off on recommending vaccines for under 18WHO.intGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, mHRA, Adolescents Withdrawnal
2021-06-219WHO backs off on recommending vaccines for under 18WHO.intGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthWHO, Covid, Vaccines, mHRA, Adolescents, Withdrawn
2021-06-229WHO: 'Children Should Not Be Vaccinated for the Moment'The DefenderGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthWHO, Covid, Vaccines, Adolescents, Withdrawnal
2021-03-3110Understanding anti-Putin Psyops: Preparing for warThe SakerGeopoliticsPutin, Biden, Pushing Russia's Button for War
2021-03-3110Microsoft Wins $22 Billion Army Contract For Augmented Reality HeadsetsForbesEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyMicrosoft, DoD, Augmented Reality
2021-04-0110A television report on the 'historic, strategic'- 25-year agreement reached between Iran and ChinaThe SakerGeopoliticsIran, China, Bilateral Agreements,
2021-04-0710Russia unlikely to send recalled ambassador back to Washington without clear sign US ready for bilateral relations, Moscow insistsRTScience & Technology, Food & HealthUS, Russia, Waging War, Biden, Ambassador Recall
2021-04-0710The Dictatorship of NumbersThe UNZ ReviewGeopoliticsDictatorships
2021-04-0810Breaking! NH Senate Sends the NH 'Windham Incide' Forensic Audit Bill to the Governor!Granite GrokGeopoliticsElection Integrity, 2020 Election, Forensic Audit
2021-04-2610World military spending rises to almost $2 trillion in 2020SipriEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsDefense Spending, Countries Ranked, US
2021-04-2810Microsoft, DOD Can't Toss $10B JEDI Contract Challenge-Latest court ruling leaves future of the Pentagon's JEDI cloud unclearC4ISRNETScience & TechnologyJEDI Cloud, Contract Challenge, Amazon, Microsoft
2021-04-2810The Countries With The Highest Military ExpenditureStatistaEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsDefense Spending, Countries Ranked, US
2021-04-2910Arizona Audit UpdateDefend the RepublicGeopoliticsArizona Audit, Election Fraud
2021-04-2910China Features Heavily in the Army's Next Big Emerging Tech ExperimentDefense OneGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyChina, AI, Combat Tech Weapons
2021-05-0310Bill and Melinda DivorceTwitterGeopoliticsGates Divorce
2021-05-0410Russia says ready to leave SWIFT, plans to join Iran's SepamPress TVEconomy & Financial Markets, Precious Metals & Currencies, GeopoliticsRussia, Swift, EU, Sepam
2021-05-0410AD, I, V, O, R, C, EEEE (Gates Divorce)The SlogGeopolitics, Food & HealthEpidemics, Davos, Big Brother
2021-05-0610Space Force Chief Scientist Says Developing Augmented 'Super Soldiers' Is "Imperative"ZerohedgeScience & TechnologySpace Force, Augmented Super Soliders
2021-05-1110Watch: Sen. Paul Shreds Fauci Over 'Gain-Of-Function' FundingZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Bat Virus Wu han Lab, Gain of Function Research
2021-05-1210China on brink of laser-matter breakthroughASIA TimesGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyChina, Creepy Tech, Nuclear Weapons
2021-05-1810Supreme Court Unanimously Rejects Biden call for Warrantless Searches for HandgunsArmstrong EconomicsGeopoliticsBiden, Warrantless Searches, Supreme Court
2021-05-2410Belarus forces airliner to land and arrests opponent, sparking U.S. and European outrageReutersGeopoliticsRyan Air, Belarus, Forced Landing, Arresting Journalists
2021-05-3110Russia may be cut off from SWIFT banking payment system as part of West's 'spiral of sanctions,' warns country's foreign ministryRTGeopoliticsRussia, EU, Swift, WWlll
2021-06-0210EU to Discuss Disconnecting Russia From SWIFT Before Making DecisionGlobal TimesEconomy & Financial Markets, GeopoliticsRussia, Swift, EU,
2021-06-2410Family of Paraguay's first lady among missing after high-rise collapse near Miami BeachAOLGeopoliticsMiami Beach Condo, Paraguay, Building Collapse
2021-03-0711Growing My Faith in the Face of DeathThe AtlanticGeopolitics, CultureFaith, Death, God
2021-03-0711Growing My Faith in the Face of DeathThe AtlanticGeopolitics, CultureFaith, Death, God;Article
2021-04-0311Absolutely disgraceful. Police shut down Good Friday service in Polish Church, BalhamTwitterGeopolitics, CultureFreedom of Religion, Lockdown, Censorship, Good Friday
2021-04-0411Artur Pawlowski, Pastor of Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, shouted down the officers who he accused of entering the premises without a warrant.TwitterGeopolitics, CultureFreedom of Religion, Lockdown, Censorship
2021-04-0711Government Physics Experiment Suggests Something Unknown Is Influencing RealityViceScience & Technology, Food & HealthParticle Physics, Influencing Reality, Muons
2021-05-0411What Happens When Big Pharma Starts Selling Mass-Market HallucinogensThe FederalistScience & Technology, Food & HealthBig Pharma, Psychedelics, Prescription Drugs
2021-05-1911New Interview: Archbishop ViganÒdiscusses the Great Reset, gives hope in light of Our Lady of FatimaLifesiteGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthArchbishop Vigano, Great Reset, Our Lady of Fatima
2021-06-2011Bishop Schneider Interview: Planet LockdownBitchute-Planet Lockdown Film SeriesGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthPlanet Lockdown, Covid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccines, Vaccine Rollout, Pushback
2021-06-2211US Senate Finally Admits that Neuroweapons Exist, Passes Bill to Help Diplomat-VictimsActivist PostGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyDirect Energy Weapons, Creepy Tech, CIA, Neuroweapons
2021-06-3011Prophecy Update 2021-05-30 (Temporary Video)JD FaragScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Preacher's Sermon, Vaccines, Vaccine Deaths,
2007-10-2512Global Population ControlBoris Johnson.comGeopoliticsGlobal Population,
2021-02-0412Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal for Mass Murder | Stefan MolyneuxYouTube-21 StudiosGeopolitics, CultureCancel Culture, Divide & Conquer, Censorship
2021-04-1412Open Letter to Our Leaders-EnglishPlace Armes.frGeopolitics, CultureFrance, Letter to Government, Class Warfare, Race Ware, Protection of Culture
2021-05-2012The American Medical Association Now Has a Plan to '˜Embed Racial Justice'TownhallGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthAMA, Racial Justice, Anti-Racist, Embedding
2021-06-0412Right Now with Gareth Icke -Journalist Jacqui Deevoy has an explosive story, a story of state EuthanasiaDavid IckeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Covid Deaths, Euthanasia
2021-02-2413Evaluating the effects of shelter-in-place policies during the COVID-19 pandemicPNASFood & HealthEpidemics, Big Brother
2021-03-3113CNN Report on Trans Sport Bans Claims There's No Way to Determine Gender at BirthThe Western JournalGeopolitics, Science & Technology, CultureTranshumanism, Gender Politics, Gender Identity, Missgendering
2021-04-2913School board cancels meeting as parents demand end to masks for kids parents cite Robert's Rules of Order and elect a new school boardAmerican ThinkerGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Mask Mandates, Schools
2021-04-2913George Bush Complains About "Misinformation!" -- Not Kidding.YouTube-Jimmy DoreGeopoliticsFake News, Mind Control, Gaslighting
2021-05-0113People in England urged to be patient amid reports hugging may soon be allowedThe GuardianCultureEpidemics, Big Brother
2021-05-0413Utah's Granite School District. Parents are fed upYouTubeGeopolitics, Food & HealthParents Unite, School Board, No Mask Mandates
2021-05-2213"Offensive" To Expect Taxpayers To Pay To Teach Kids To "Hate Their Country"ZerohedgeGeopoliticsDeSantis, Florida, Critical Race Theory, False History
2021-05-2413A Requiem for QAnonLew RockwellGeopoliticsQanon, Conspiracy Theories, OP
2021-06-0113Genetically magnetic control of neural system via TRPV4 activation with magnetic nanoparticlesScience DirectScience & TechnologyNanoparticles, Magnetism, Neural Stimulation, Creepy Tech
2021-06-1513Tiny injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor your body… from the insideScience FocusGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthMicrochips, Injectable Transistors, Monitoring Devices, Creepy Tech;
2021-06-1613Biden's 'domestic terrorism' plan encourages Americans to report each otherThe BLGeopoliticsBiden, Domestic Terrorism, Social Media
2021-06-2113US Senate Finally Admits that Neuroweapons Exist, Passes Bill to Help Diplomat-VictimsActivistpostGeopoliticsDirected Energy Weapons, Stewart, Military, Neuroweapons
2021-06-2413Human Augmentation -The Dawn of a New ParadigmLighthouse EconomicsGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyTranshumanism, Gene Editing, Bioinformatics, Brain Interface
2021-01-2414Solarwinds Hack and a Possible Coming Cyber AttackLighthouse EconomicsScience & Technology, Food & HealthSolarwinds, Cyber Hacks, Covid, Financial Systems
2021-03-3114Microsoft Wins $22 Billion Army Contract For Augmented Reality HeadsetsForbesEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & TechnologyMicrosoft, DoD, Augmented Reality
2011-01-2815Virus-Sized TransistorsHarvard MagazineScience & Technology, Food & HealthNanotech, Virus, Lieber
2012-04-0415Rreal subliminal message 'Kill' caught accidentally (Distubring)YouTube-Banana LandScience & TechnologySubliminal Messages, Mind Control, Creepy Tech
2017-07-0415Concept Incubator Would Grow Your Babies At HomeYoutube-Tech InsiderScience & Technology, CultureCreepy Tech, Family
2018-06-1415Dr. Charles Morgan on Psycho-Neurobiology and WarYouTube-Modern War InstituteScience & Technology, Food & HealthPTSD, Neurologic Defects, Robotics
2021-06-0215The push toward a new totalitarian normal: CJ Hopkins Fox NewsFox NewsCultureCults, Mind Control, Behavioral Modification
2019-02-0715The internet of humansEC EuropaGeopoliticsInternet of Humans, Digital World, AI
2020-03-2615Microsoft Brain Wave PatentPatent ScopeScience & Technology, Food & HealthMicrosoft, Brain Waves, Crypto
2020-05-2215And the Wind Cries Jeffrey: Biohacking Humans with DNA, Nanotechnology, IoT and 5GThe International AffairsScience & Technology, Food & HealthBiohacking, DNA, Nanotech, 5G
2020-07-2415Apple granted patent for 'user equipment, network procedures for emergency broadcasting on Wi-Fi'sApple World TodayScience & Technology5G, IOT, Satellites
2021-03-3115Wi-Fi devices set to become object sensors by 2024 under planned 802.11bf standardThe RegisterScience & TechnologyWifi, Wifi Devices, Senors
2021-04-0115Confessions of an Engineered NanoparticlePiece of MindScience & Technology, Food & Health5G, Human Body,ACE2 Receptor
2021-04-0615Bargaining With A ChimpYouTube-The New American VideoScience & Technology, CultureDumbing Down Society, Mirroring Neurons, Mirroring People
2021-04-0715Lieber Prepares for Impending Trial on Federal Charges As He Battles Incurable CancerThe Havard CrimsonScience & Technology, Food & HealthCharles Lieber, Creepy Tech, Trial, Federal Charges, Incurable Cancer
2021-04-0815General Electric to develop Covid-19 virus detector technology for cell phonesSimplelistsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccines, Vaccine Rollout
2021-04-1115Pentagon scientists reveal a microchip that senses COVID-19 in your body Before you show symptoms and a filter that extracts the virus from bloodDaily MailScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccine, Pentagon, Microchip
2021-04-1815Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. And so on.CJ HopkinsGeopolitics, CultureYoutube, Censorship, Big Tech, Totalitarianism
2021-04-2115The Covidian Cult (Part II)Consent FactoryGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCults, Mind Control, Behavioral Modification
2021-04-2915Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply ChainYouTube-Ice Age FarmerScience & Technology, Food & HealthBio-Spores, Digital Tracking, Food
2021-05-0515This Biden Proposal Could Make the US a 'Digital Dictatorship'Unlimited HangoutGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthBiomedical Research, Darpa, Ending Cancer, Broad Institute
2021-05-2415Remote control of brain activity with heated nanoparticlesThe GuardianScience & Technology, Food & HealthVaccines, Creepy Tech, Nanoparticles, Brain Stimulation
2021-06-1515Tiny injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor your body… from the insideScience FocusGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthMicrochips, Injectable Transistors, Monitoring Devices, Creepy Tech
2020-11-1816Special Solari Report: Issues and Framework of U.S. Law Concerning Outer Space -An UpdateSolariSpaceSpace
2021-05-3116Russia, China hope to secure partners for moon base projectSpace NewsSpaceRussia, China, Space, Moon
2021-06-1616Astronauts install new rollout solar panels on International Space StationSolar DailyGeopolitics, SpaceChina, Space Station, Rockets;
2021-06-1516Space attacks could trigger Article 5: NATOArmy TechnologyScience & Technology, SpaceNATO, Space Attack, Article 5,
2020-06-0617South Korea to Expand Space Cooperation With the US to Counter China's Growing Global InfluenceTech TimesSpaceSpace, South Korea
2021-05-1217China on brink of laser-matter breakthroughASIA TimesGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyChina, Creepy Tech, Nuclear Weapons
2021-05-2717Japan will send a transforming robot ball to the moon to test lunar rover techSpaceSpaceSpace, Japan
2021-06-0317With over 350 private space companies, India in fifth place globallyThe Times of IndiaSpaceSpace, India
2021-06-1717Rocket blasts off carrying first Chinese crew to new space stationSpace DailySpaceChina, Space
2021-01-2818What Are Bill Gates’s Plans With All That Farmland?/a>SimplelistsFood & HealthFood Emergency Homestead, Garden
2021-03-2118Court Rules USDA Authorized to Certify Soil-less Hydroponic Operations as OrganicCenter For Food SafetyFood & HealthFood Safety, Organic, Soil
2021-06-0118Meat Buyers Scramble After Cyberattack Hobbles JBSWSJFood & HealthFood Emergency, Homestead
2019-09-1919Where is Your Beef Really From? Country of Origin LabelingYoutube-Our Wyoming LifeFood & HealthMeat, Food Emergency, Homestead
2021-03-2619Croatian organisations fight to preserve seed as a basic human rightEuractivScience & Technology, Food & HealthSustainable Farming, Agricultural Biodiversity, Non-GMO, Food Autonomy
2021-04-1719This Technique of Starting Seeds Will Change Your LifeThe Gardening Channel With James Prigioni - YouTubeFood & HealthFood Emergency Homestead, Garden
2021-04-1819Western US States Prepare For 1st-Ever Water Shortage Declaration Hoover Dam Hydroelectric Generation At RiskZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyHoover Dam, Water Shortages, Hydroelectric Generation
2021-04-2719The Senate appears poised to pass a bipartisan bill to help farmers sell carbon credits. Not everyone is happyThe CounterFood & HealthFood Emergency, Climate, Carbon
2021-04-2719The Senate appears poised to pass a bipartisan bill to help farmers sell carbon credits. Not everyone is happy.The CounterScience & Technology, Food & HealthFood Emergency, Climate, Carbon
2021-04-2819UK hit by frostiest April on record, farmers and growers reporting considerable damageThe WatchersGeopolitics, Food & HealthUK, Frost, Crop Damage
2021-03-2620Oregon Medical Board Suspends Dr. Paul Thomas for Practicing Informed ConsentJeremy R. HammondEconomy & Financial MarketsVaccines, Vaccine Truth, Banning Doctors
2021-03-2620Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid, vaccine, & treatments.YouTube-Voices of OregonScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Ethics, Better Treatment
2021-03-3020The Twenty-Five Minute Case Against the 2020 (and 2021) InsanityBitchute-Tom WoodsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Scamdemic
2021-04-0220Sunlight renders coronavirus inactive 8 Times faster than predicted, says new studyRTScience & Technology, Food & HealthSunlight Kills Viruses
2021-04-0320Iowa Governor Signs Bill Into Law Letting Residents Buy, Carry Guns Without PermitsZerohedgeGeopoliticsGun Control, Second Amendment, States Pushback
2021-04-0320The Dangers of mRNA Injection, James Delingpole Interviews Dr. Mike YeadonBitchute-Earth NewspaperScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, mRNA, Vaccine Rollout
2021-04-0720Exclusive - Former Pfizer VP: 'Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death'LifesiteScience & Technology, Food & HealthPfizer, Vaccines, Vaccine Deaths
2021-04-1120Ex-Pfizer CEO Mike Yeadon on the Dangers of the mRNABitchute-Platinum Cosmic LightScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Vaccine, Dangers of Vaccines, Creepy Tech
2021-04-1320Sensational judgment from Weimar: no masks, no distance, no more tests for students2020 News.deScience & Technology, Food & HealthNo Mask Mandates, No Social Distance, Students, Schools, Germany
2021-04-1720Stephen Malthouse, MD on COVID-19 VaccinesRumbleFood & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation, Vaccine Truth
2021-04-2220A Cross-Country Analysis of the Determinants of Covid-19 FatalitiesMark SkidmoreGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Covid Data, Covid Misinformation, Censorship
2021-04-2220Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Warns Covid Shots Will 'Decimate World Population' Interview by Alex NewmanBitchute-Earth NewspaperGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths, Depopulation
2021-04-2320Important! Vaccinated People Are Transmitting Non-Vaccinated Discussion of DoctorsBitchute-SensesoundScience & Technology, Food & HealthVaccinated, Non-Vaccinated, Transmittion
2021-04-2520Health Ranger posts new microscopy photos of covid swabs, covid masks and mysterious red and blue fibersScience NewsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Masks, PCR Tests, Mysterious Fibers
2021-04-2520Another Doctor: Dr. Christiane Northrup M.D.RumbleScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccines, Women’s Health, Infertilitys
2021-04-2520Dr Larry Palevsky - This is not a vaccineBitchute-TacocatScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Not a Vaccine It's an Injection
2021-04-2620The Last Surviving Prosector of the Nuremberg TrialsBitchute-The Truth HunterGeopoliticsNuremberg, War, Peace, Freedom
2021-04-2720RV Sales Just Hit An All-Time HighZerohedgeGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyRecreational Vehicles, Modern Nomads, Mobile Homes
2021-04-2720Covid Lies Cost 100,000 Lives -Mark SkidmoreUSA WatchdogScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Lies, 100,000 Lives, HCQ
2021-04-2720Possible Antidote for the V-Serum and the Current Spike Protein ContagionSimplelistsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccine Cure, Dr. Mikovits, Suramin
2021-04-2820Nurse will sue Houston Methodist over COVID vaccine requirementKHOU11Food & HealthEpidemics, Vaccines, GMO,
2021-05-0220Doctor Refuses to have Vaxed Patients Around OthersBitchute-XandrewxScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Vaccine, Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated, Transmission
2021-05-0420Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19American Journal of TherapeuticsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Cures, Ivermectin
2021-05-0520COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and SafetyOdyseeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Safe Vaccines, Efficacy
2021-05-0820Mexico City Wide Innovative Population-Level Study Administers Ivermectin-based Home Kits with Drastic Reduction in HospitalizationsTrial Site NewsFood & HealthEpidemics, Vaccines, GMO, Big Brother
2021-05-0820Sweden Stops PCR Tests as Covid19 DiagnosisTap NewswireGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, PCR Tests, Sweden
2021-05-0920"It's All A Lie" -Michael Yeadon, Ex Pfizer Executive Blows Whistle: Raises Serious Concerns About The InjectionsOdysee-Tim TruthGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation
2021-05-1020Stay Vocal: Local Bills Bolster The Big Fight BackCorey DigsGeopoliticsStates Rights, 2nd Amendment, Race Theory, Transgender Directives, Pushback
2021-05-1220Topic Editors of Frontiers in Pharmacology for the Special Issue &Treating COVID-19 with Currently Available Drugs& Resign in ProtestLighthouse EconomicsScience & Technology, Food & HealthCovid Treatment, Available Drugs, Resign in Protest
2021-05-1220Peggy Hall Speaks to Over A Thousand Outside OC Board of SupervisorsBitchute-The Healthy AmericanGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation, Pushback
2021-05-13;20COVID Vaccine Necessity, Efficacy and SafetySolariFood & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation, Pushback
2021-05-1520James Patrick with CJ Hopkins on the Covidian CultYouTube-Oval mediaGeopolitics, CultureCovidian Cult, Mind Control, Critical Thinking Done
2021-05-1620Exclusive Interview with Dr Bhakdi - &Parents are willingly allowing their children to be killed if they allow them to have the Covid Vaccine&The Daily ExposeGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Warning, Vaccinating Children
2021-05-1720The Vax Simply ExplainedRumbleGeopolitics, Science & TechnologyCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Truth, Simplified
2021-05-2120Political SatirePatrick Byrne-localsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthArt Imitating Life
2021-05-2220Free & Brave PT 2: Session 3 - Dr. Sherri TenpennyChurch of Glad Tidings.comGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Disinformation, Pushback
2021-06-0120SARS-CoV-2 elicits robust adaptive immune responses regardless of disease severityEBio MedicineGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthImmune Response, Reactions, SARS-CoV-2
2021-06-0320The Nuremberg CodeRumble-Defending the RepublicGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Nuremberg Code, Creepy Tech
2021-06-0820India Bar Association serves legal notice on WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan for lying about Ivermectin effectiveness against COVID-19The Covid BlogGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthIndia, Covid, WHO, Covid Disinformation, Legal Notice
2021-06-0820UKMFA Urgent Open Letter to the MHRA re Emergency Authorisation of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for ChildrenUK Medical FreedomGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, mHRA, Pfizer, Adolescents
2021-06-1020American Frontline Doctors: Complaint filedAmerican Frontline DoctorsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthFrontline Doctors, Lawsuit, Vaccinating Children
2021-06-2220Alex Jones Interviews Ivory HeckerBitchute-Ivory HeckerEconomy & Financial Markets, Geopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthVaccines, Vaccine Censorship, FOX, Firing Journalists
2021-06-2820US Senator Ron Johnson held press conference with families who are victims of the COVID vaccineTwitterGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Damage, Senator Press Conference
2021-06-2920Patent document shows that DARPA built covid with the help of Bill Gates, WHONatural NewsGeopolitics, Science & Technology, Food & Health, Unanswered QuestionsCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Bill Gates, Bioweapons, DARPA
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