Every day, we post links to stories in our News Trends & Stories section. Analyzing this flow provides intelligence about the deeper news. Here are the trends we are tracking for the 2nd Quarter 2021.


I. The Going Direct Global Reset

A. Central Banks Extend the Dollar System; Build the New System

  • Bank for International Settlements (BIS) & Global Innovation Hubs
  • Fed and Dollar; Partnership with BIS; Boston Fed Partnership with MIT on Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • ECB and Euro
  • Other Central Banks and Global Institutions
  • – G7
    – De-dollarization Trends
    – Sanctions, FACTA, and Payment Systems
    – IMF and World Bank, ASEAN
    – World Economic Forum – The Great Reset

  • Private Players: BlackRock, New York Fed Member Banks
  • Bio-Tech Crypto Engineers: IOT Final Inch
  • Role in Riots, Covert Wars, and Opportunity Zones
  • U.S. Undocumentable Adjustments Now $96 Trillion; New Audit Announced; UFO Disinfo Revved Up Again

B. FASAB 56 & Secret Operations and Flows
C. Sovereign Stimulus and Tax Policy
D. Shutdown of Independent Economy and Income
E. Controlled Demolitions

  • Plandemic & the Medical Cartel Push the Red Button
  • Pension Funds
  • Entitlements
  • Bankruptcies
  • Piratization and Thermal & Weather Warfare
  • Disintermediation in Retail
  • Farmageddon
  • FASAB 56—Is Asset Stripping or Cut & Run Underway?
  • Phoenix Programs, Cultural Revolutions, Color Revolutions

II. The Fed Buys the U.S.

A. Currency, Liquidity, and Trade Wars

  • De-Dollarization
  • War on Cash
  • Crypto & Creepy Tech – the End of Currencies
  • Precious Metals
  • U.S.-China Trade War
  • De-dollarization: China, Russia, and the Build-out of Global Liquidity
  • Increased Sanctions, FACTA, and Alternative to SWIFT System
  • The Future of the Euro
  • Fed and ECB: Interest Rate and Bond Squeeze

B. The Debt Growth Model—Weaponized as Central Bank Dependency Increases

  • The Going Direct Reset
  • Plandemic Stimulus
  • Bonds and Interest Rates
  • Equity Public and Private
  • Commodities
  • U.S. Dollar
  • U.S. Budget: Military Expense, Disaster Recovery, and Retirement
  • U.S. Debt and Interest Payments Accelerating; Housing Bubble Planned
  • Transition from Quantitative Easing
  • Demand for Capital: Treasury Markets and Corporate Maturities
  • NDI Waiver, FASAB 56, and no Mark to Market: Stock and Bond Markets Go Dark

C. Private Equity Grows

III. Extending the Dollar

A. Is Reshoring to North America Happening?
B. Robotics, Drones, Genetics, and Automation
C. Explosion in Material Science
D. Surveillance Capitalism
E. Amazon, Microsoft, Israel, and the Reengineering of the U.S. Government
F. Global Purges
G. The SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies)
H. Will Breakthrough Energy Technologies Come Through?
I. Investment Flows into the Space-Based Economy
J. The New SDR Authorization for IMF
K. The Inflation-Deflation Dance

IV. Real Asset Inflation & Planet Equity

A. Centralization of Economic Ownership and Control

  • Inflation and Deflation
  • Land Rush and Real Estate Ownership
  • The Foreclosure and Eviction Pipeline
  • Equity Public and Private; IPOs and SPACs
  • Commodities
  • State and Local Finances
  • U.S. Bear Trap in Emerging Markets
  • Mortgage Fraud and "Natural Disasters"
  • Growth of ESG Screening
  • Technocracy: Allocation with AI, without Markets and a Real Pricing Mechanism
  • FASAB 56—The Cost of Secrecy
  • FASAB 56—Will Investors Play?
  • “Health Passports,” “Green Passports,” and “Health Mandates”—Implementing Central Spatial, Labor, and Financial Control

B. Financial Controls
C. Tax Wars and Offshore Havens
D. Impact of Environmental Risks and Debasement
E. Student Loans and Consumer Debt
F. Housing Markets and Bubbles
G. How Will Taxpayers Handle the Transition?

  • Return on Investment to Taxpayers Goes More Negative?
  • Response to Missing Money: DOD Audit, FASAB Policy, DOD Takes Budgets Secret
  • Piratization & Disaster Capitalism : Will the Rape of Russia Happen Here?
  • A Domestic Operation Gladio and Phoenix Program + AI Invasion?
  • Weather Warfare, Fires, and False Flags
  • Equity Creation: Could Breakthrough Energy Create Equity Greater than Controlled Demolitions?
  • Addictions to War, Secrecy, and Privilege
  • Global Slowdown + Peak Everything
  • The Rush to Control Real Assets
  • Taxation without Representation

V. The IOT Gold Rush

A. Technocracy Rising
B. JEDI Contract
C. War on Cash
D. Surveillance Capitalism
E. Satellite, Tower, and 5G Build-out
F. Is Climate Change the Marketing for the Smart Control Grid?
G. Will an Electrical Control Grid Permit Implementation of Breakthrough Energy?

VI. Crypto & The Mark of the Beast (MOTB)

A. Integrating Nanotechnology, Transhumanism to Replace Currency and Parts of Financial Sytem
B. Integration of Vaccines with Finance
C. Poster Children for MOTB: Musk and Gates
D. Who Will Issue? Government, Central Banks, Corporations, or Private Networks?
E. Who Will Do the Customer Service? The Future of Private Community Banks and Credit Unions
F. Organized Crime: Legalization or Covert Central Bank Systems?
G. The Future of Coins and Cash


I. U.S.-China Trade Rebalancing

A. Eurasia and the Silk Road: Will the Covert War Turn Overt?
B. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the South China Sea
C. The War in the South China Sea
D. Trade Agreements
E. Critical Industries: Drugs, Food, Manufacturing
F. Will the Internet Split?
G. Economic and Political Sanctions
H. Preparations for War
I. Huawei and the 5G Competition
J. China Currency and Debt Management
K. Space Race
L. Mutual G20 and BRICS Relations
M. Australia’s Leadership Role
N. Israel’s Role, Cybersecurity Industry, Wars, and Prosecution of Netanyahu

II. The Shift to a Multiplanetary Multipolar World

A. Technocracy: Will Technology Continue to Centralize Control in a Multipolar World?
B. Africa: Resource Rush
C. The U.S. Post 2020 Election
D. United Nations: Agenda 2030
E. Latin America and the War to Control Venezuela and Cuba
F. Vatican Struggles
G. Europe: Will the EU Come Apart? NATO Expansion and Russia Encirclement
H. Global Pushback of the Working People
I. Anglo-American Alliance: The Brexit Transition
J. Iran and the Push for War
K. Israel: The Global Networks of Organized Crime
L. Hot Spots
M. U.S. Plays the Oil Card
N. Global Powwows
O. Migration and Immigration
P. Transnational Organized Crime

  • The Americas
  • Asia
  • Europe and Africa

Q. Off-Planet Investment and Trade
R. Antarctica and Underground Investment

III. Human Capital: Push for Slavery

A. The AI and Mind Control Invasion

  • Growth of AI: AI Superpowers Face Off
  • Net Neutrality
  • 5G and Surveillance
  • Piratization of Government and Central Banks
  • AI and the Sheriff of Nottingham
  • U.S.: 330 Million Targeted Individuals Divided into Two Groups
  • Free Speech and Corporate and Social Media Meltdown

B. U.S. Elections and Sovereignty

  • Budget, FASAB 56 Missing Money; Debt Acceleration
  • Federal Reserve and Financial System
  • Space Force
  • Military Modernization/Defense
  • Swamp Drama
  • Justice Post-Election
  • Trade, Tariffs, and Sanctions
  • The Ziocon Problem
  • The Loony Progressive Problem, Plandemic, and Modern Monetary Theory
  • The Deep State and National Security Public-Private Control: The Breakaway Civilization; The Big Investment Pools and Investors; FASAB 56: Secret Money for Secret Armies; The Cost of Monopoly
  • The 2020 Election and the New Administration
  • Cabinet Appointments
  • Push for Piratization
  • JEDI, Navy, and CIA Cloud Contracts
  • Social Security and Retirement
  • Global Brand Deterioration
  • Push for UBI and Digital Wallets
  • Disaster Capitalism: Fed Bank and Branch Looting Patterns; Opportunity Zones; Weather Warfare; Aggressive Real Estate Acquisition
  • Municipal Budget and Staff Reengineering
  • Municipal Bankruptcy

C. NWO & Engineering Inequality

  • Access to Resources
  • Life Expectancy
  • Transhumanism
  • Shutdown of Small Enterprise and Independent Income
  • Promotion of Slavery, Human Traffickng, and Pedophilia
  • Efforts to Shred Constitution and Laws
  • Targeting of Faith and the Sacred
  • Propaganda and Mind Control
  • Is a Genocide Plan Underway?
  • Human Impact Bonds and the Poverty Growth and Management Scam
  • Proposals for Universal Basic Income

IV. The Chances of War

A. Cybersecurity
B. Hot Spots
C. Nuclear Proliferation
D. Weather Warfare
E. The UFO Disinfo Op—Again!
F. Engineering of Civil War